Tottenham Defence Campaign

A new drive entitled The Tottenham Defence Campaign  had been launched by the families of death in custody victims, Mark Duggan, Roger Sylvester, Cynthia Jarrett and Joy Gardner today.


The Black Tragedy that Gripped England

Racism is far from over. Once in a while, heinous incidents keep flashing and they prove that it will take some more time before vile activities like racism can be wiped away from our society. The legacy of Mark Duggan is another proof of how the British police reacted without any concrete evidence and how someone else ended up losing his life because of mere suspicion and mistrust.

The Background Of Mark Duggan

Born in North London, Mark Duggan didn’t have a criminal streak. However, he was being investigated under Operation Trident. This operation was mainly targeted to deal with the troubles of gun crime especially in black communities.
The shooting of Mark Duggan created a huge furor and uproar as there were hues and cry regarding racism and how an innocent went down because of the ruthless miscalculation of law officers. The case got huge media hype and the family of Mark Duggan suffered miserably all along his trial.
It is important to mention that owing to the media frenzy that followed the shooting of Mark Duggan, a lot of changes were made to the story. He was even accused to be a gang member and to have been involved in drug trafficking. Several other claims were also made. Undoubtedly, it became clearly apparent that British police was merely trying to justify their actions by slandering someone who was innocent.

The Circumstances Of His Death

At the time of his death on August 4th, 2011, Duggan did own a handgun as he had BBM Bruni model 92 handgun with him. He got the gun from Kevin Hutchinson Foster and as per reports it was after fifteen minutes of possessing the gun that he was shot brutally by the British police. There was a trial that was conducted on Hutchinson Foster some time later regarding the case; however, the jury had failed to reach any concrete verdict.
When the re-trial was made on 31st January, 2013, he was finally convicted of handing over the gun to Mark Duggan. The death of Mark Duggan was particularly shocking by the way he was shot. The police officers stopped the minicab in which Duggan was driving. When he tried to run away, they officers shot him twice; once in the biceps and the next in his chest. The onlookers were chased away and the very incident enraged a lot of people because of the chaotic way in which the entire situation was handled.
It was misdemeanor on the part of the British police to have their own judgment on Duggan as they never bothered to question Duggan or verify his gun license. The shooting enraged a lot of people as riots broke out in Tottenham. People were appalled at the lack of security for black citizens. It is important to add that Matt’s cousin Kelvin was stabbed outside a London bar and this made him paranoid enough to carry a gun to ensure his own safety.

The Unending Riots And Public Dissatisfaction

A large part of the Tottenham public was devastated by this loss. It created a big dent in the society as it showed how unsafe the black men truly were. The family of Mark Duggan was shattered beyond words with the loss. The allegations put forward by the police acted like the last straw that broke the camel’s back.
There were huge demonstrations that came out. The legacy of Mark Duggan still lives; however, it shows how miscalculations and recklessness of the police officers can land people in trouble. The demonstrators shouted as to, “we want answers” because the entire cause of killing and the reasons for which Mark was shot so bloodily remained a mystery. The demonstrators grew impatient and there was a lot of shooting and even police cars were set on fire. Undoubtedly, the police officers fired back too, and thus the peace of the country was disturbed.
While Tottenham was the most disturbed area, the riots also spread to other parts of England. While the shooting took place on august 4th, 2011, the case finally ended on January 8th, 2014 with an 8-2 majority deciding that Matt Duggan’s death was a part of lawful killing.
Duggan’s family is still in tears and the public opinion in Tottenham isn’t really conductive for the British police.

Injustice has spread its tentacles and gripped the nation yet again.

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